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One of My Fave Agatha Christie Stories – Murder on the Orient Express

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I have been on a mission for a few years now, to read through all of Christie’s work and there is alot. However, I’m getting there with just 15 or so books left to go! But one of my favourite Agatha Christie stories has always been Murder on the Orient Express. This story has also been adapted to an adventure detective game format for PC. With some nice twists and deviations from the original story, that are in keeping with the original but so that there are some surprises even for those who are familiar with this great story. This game also has the added bonus of David Suchet doing the voice-over for Poirot!

For a full list of Agatha Christie’s stories that have been developed into PC and Mac detective games, so far: Detective Games based on Agatha Christie’s Stories.

and also Happy Birthday Agatha Christie!


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