Top Detective Games for PC

This blog is all about my fave detective games to play on PC!

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Murder on the Orient Express on TV

At last the new version of Murder on the Orient Express with David Suchet as Poirot, is gonna be on TV in the UK – on Christmas day.

I’ve found a trailer for this program from YouTube:

Cant wait to see it! Though, just from this trailer, it looks like it will deviate from the original Agatha Christie story. 

Also over Christmas are 2 new Miss Marple programs on ITV.



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Online Mystery Detective Games – MCF: Madame Fate Review

One of the best in the Mystery Case Files hidden object game series: Madame Fate

For more details visit: MCF: Madame Fate Review


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The Best Nancy Drew Game – My Favorite

There are now over 20 Nancy Drew detective games developed by HerInteractive based on the popular teen-girl detective books.

In my opinion one of the best of the Nancy Drew game series is Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. The suspenseful atmosphere of this game is initially created by being set in a girls’ boarding school, where gossip, rumor, pranks and secrets are rife. This setting also works well in developing the storyline, the characters and the types of tasks you have to do in order to solve this mystery. The quality of the graphics, interactions with the other characters and dialog, which have improved since the previous games, also add to the atmosphere. And the puzzles and gameplay itself are highly enjoyable and reasonably challenging.

There are many excellent Nancy Drew games, but this is one of my favorites!

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Free Online Mystery Games – Mystery Case Files Game: Madame Fate

For fans of the mystery genre, there are a number of free online detective games that you can play with no download or sign-up required. Such as the Mystery Case Files Game – Madame Fate.

Madame Fate, a mysterious fortune teller has foreseen her own demise. At midnight this very day, can you be the detective that will find the soul who seeks to kill her?

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Detective Games based on the Mystery Novels by Wilkie Collins

Based on the 1859 mystery novel by Wilkie Collins, this new mystery detective games, is a hidden object game from game developers Freeze Tag.

Preview trailer of Mystery Masterpiece: Woman in White

They also created Mystery Masterpiece: the Moonstone, which is also based on a novel by Wilkie Collins (the Moonstone is famously thought to be one of the first detective novels).

Explore Victorian mansions and search for clues to uncover the identity of the Woman in White! In this hidden object mystery game coming soon…